39 Would Rather Romantic Questions

So, without wasting time, here we go with the best romantic fun would you rather questions.


  1. Would you rather go to the bookstore or the museum on a date?
  2. Would you rather celebrate christmas with your household or my family?
  3. Would you rather possess an infant or adopt a pet?
  4. Would you rather make me get me laugh or moan?
  5. Would you rather are now living in the state or reside in the town?
  6. Would you take our honeymoon in Italy or in France?
  7. Would you have me tell you just what things to purchase me or rather surprise me with a kind present?
  8. Would you see me or rather see me nude?
  9. Would you receive oral or give me oral?
  10. Would you rather save your cash up to get a home or spend it on fun experiences?
  11. Would you rather have a small, private wedding or an intricate, high-priced marriage?
  12. Would you rather possess a picnic on the shore or a picnic in the park?
  13. Would you take me to a rock concert or to a Broadway show?
  14. Would you rather adopt a pup with a kitten or me?
  15. Would you rather hear me say I adore you often or not enough?
  16. Would you rather take a holiday to a tropical isle or to Disney?
  17. Would you see a picture on our sofa or rather take me?
  18. Would you have me make the very first move or rather start sex?
  19. Would you sing karaoke with me on stage or take a dance class?
  20. Would you have sex in sex or the shower in the ocean?
  21. Would you rather plan our holiday yourself out or let me do all of the preparation?
  22. Would you read a romance novel or rather see a romantic comedy?
  23. Would you rather get a cunning text while you’re at work or locate an adorable note I’ve left and composed throughout the home?
  24. Would you rather have breakfast in my well-known dessert or bed?
  25. Would you hold your feelings inside or rather possess an enormous fight?
  26. Would you disregard everything together or rather make a big deal from our anniversary?
  27. Would you give me a foot massage or a back rub?
  28. Would you have a walk down the block or rather proceed to the gym?
  29. Would you rather have sex that is mild or rough sex?
  30. Would you kiss me or kiss me?
  31. Would you rather make love on the family room sofa or on the family room floor?
  32. Would you create a Youtube channel jointly or rather produce a scrapbook together?
  33. Would you impede or rather grind dancing?
  34. Would you tell me or rather hear about my day?
  35. Would you have me handcuff one to the bed or handcuff me?
  36. Would you drink wine or beer ?
  37. Would you rather have stunning sex once per week or half ass sex seven times per week?
  38. Would you talk dirty on the telephone or sext?